How to elevate your publisher and partner performance – Key takeaways

As our next event is slowly creeping up, we want to take you back to our latest ELEVATE event in order to show you first-hand what our events can offer you. Our Elevate event was truly one to remember as we had a host of amazing guest speakers and panels full of expertise. If you wanted to know anything in relation to the affiliate world, ELEVATE was the event for you. Let’s take you back to one of our favourite panels which discussed how to elevate your publisher and partner performance. Read on to find out the key points that were taken from this panel discussion.

What do you think the appropriate amount of communication should be, between partners?

This has always been a small part of affiliate strategies that people tend to forget is extremely important. Through the helpful advice and expertise in this panel, we found out that there have to be lines of communication open from day one between publishers and affiliate managers. Different panel members had different views on ways to communicate with their affiliate partners; One expert panel member stating:

‘’ our relationship management when it comes to working with advertisers shouldn’t be any different in terms of if we understand the objectives of the advertiser, then it’s actually incumbent upon us to, to strategically bring back things to the advertiser as well to say, Here’s how we can actually help you achieve your goals.’’

What do these experts really want from there affiliate partners?

This question was opened up to all 4 members of our expert panel, and the answer that really caught the attention of the audience was this:

‘’For me, it’s transparency and honesty. They’d expect that from us when promoting their brands. They wouldn’t want us to be, you know, tipping our fingers on the scale in terms of what we are reporting back to them’’

All of the panel members agreed that this was crucial if there were to be any sort of successful business ventures between partners in the future. Sit down, discuss and agree on realistic goals and detail what you expect from one another. This is the first step in avoiding disappointment as you have both verbally agreed on a working relationship with one another.

Conflicting issues

In the publishing and partner performance industry, there are bound to be issues that pop up from all over. This could be down to communication or logistics issues. If you’re caught in one of these issues then it may seem very challenging to find a way out, the question was proposed to our panel on how they overcome challenges. One answer we received was:

‘’ Yeah, I’ve definitely had issues where a retailer has already assigned budget to other publishers. Yeah. And that stopped them from being able to have budget to give to us. So on this particular one (the challenge), the affiliate manager started the conversation knowing what their budget would’ve been. So, it wasn’t even a conversation that we started. I’ve actually still got the call in every month where they cancel it and say, Yeah, we still don’t have budget. So, there’s no point in us having this call, which obviously isn’t going to build a relationship very well with us’’

It’s important to note that challenges and issues will be a part of this industry, the only thing you can do is to prepare and always have a plan B.


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