How can affiliates and affiliate programs use the new Instagram Shopping tool?

As an affiliate, merchant, or affiliate manager, social media, and Instagram in particular, can be one of your greatest assets. As well as marketing your goods and services to the masses, it can also extend your reach to your intended target audience. With Instagram home to a number of handy marketing tools, its latest development has made waves in the affiliate marketing industry. Continue reading to find out how affiliates and affiliate programs can use the new Instagram Shopping tool to their advantage.

To extend their reach

With the new Instagram Shopping tool, your virtual storefront will be visible to your intended target audience on a global scale. If you are a small or up-and-coming business, this can be a great way to extend your reach. It can also ensure a growing number of consumers are not only aware of your brand but the wide range of goods and services you have to offer. Customers can browse your existing collections, remind themselves of any upcoming product ranges, and even discover your brand story. For merchants, this can end up potentially driving traffic and doubling profits in the long run.

To provide a greater customer experience

With Instagram Shopping, the customer is in control of the purchase process from start to finish. As well as browsing goods and services at a pace that suits them, they can also customise their selection by curating various products into separate themes. Examples include brand-new arrivals, gifts for a friend or family member, and fluctuating seasonal trends. With relevant information relating to each product visible at the touch of a button, customers can find out everything they need to know in one handy location including product descriptions, pricing, as well as any additional sizing information that may be of use. With the option to checkout on Instagram as an eligible US business or digital creator, the entire purchase process can be completed in a matter of minutes. By providing a greater customer experience from start to finish, customers are much more likely to return time and time again. This allows merchants to boost their sales and affiliates to earn a sizable commission.

To announce upcoming product launches

One of the greatest advantages of the new Instagram Shopping tool is the option for business owners or affiliate managers to announce upcoming product launches ahead of time. By enabling in-app purchases, brands can give their customers the opportunity to preview upcoming goods and services, set reminders, and plan ahead. This option is currently only eligible for US businesses but is set to be rolled out for brands on a global scale in the coming months. As a merchant, this can be a great way to generate buzz as a small or local business and encourage customers interested in similar products to get involved. A product launch coupled with a successful affiliate marketing campaign can thrust your business to new heights and may even lead to word-of-mouth marketing amongst your intended target demographic.

To provide greater flexibility

In today’s digital landscape, consumers are accustomed to 24/7 connectivity whenever or wherever they may be. With a growing number of shoppers browsing goods and services on the go, they are more likely to discover your brand whilst catching up on their social media feed than logging into a desktop computer. As a result, Instagram Shopping can be a great way to attract and retain high-value customers in a matter of minutes. It is also a proven fact that customers are attracted to visual marketing. By ensuring your visual storefront is packed with captivating images and videos, you can convert leads into paying customers in no time. With social media users bombarded with hundreds of images and videos per day, you must ensure your digital marketing campaign stands out from the crowd. Shoppable posts lead to greater sales in the long run.

To encourage influencers to get involved

Whilst Instagram Shopping may do a great job of expanding your existing customer base on its own, as a merchant or affiliate manager, it can also allow you to hire the right influencers responsible for promoting your goods and services to the wider world. By failing to capitalise on the marketing potential of influencer marketing, you may only attract a small number of consumers with an even smaller amount engaging with your brand and potentially completing a purchase. As a result, Instagram Shopping can have a positive impact on website traffic and business growth and optimisation over time.

With wide-reaching benefits for affiliates, merchants, and affiliate managers, the Instagram Shopping tool can be a welcome asset to any affiliate program. As well as allowing them to extend their reach, it can also provide a greater customer experience, allow them to announce upcoming product launches, provide greater flexibility, and encourage influencers to get involved.

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