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How can affiliate managers help to promote Safer Gambling Week?

With this week being Safer Gambling Week, affiliate marketing managers can reinforce the message by readdressing their practices and supporting the national safe gambling campaigns.

There are a lot of ways for you and your team to get involved. Take a look at our guide to see where you can promote safer gambling in your work.

How is Safer Gambling promoting their brand?

Gambling resource platform, Safer Gambling, has once again launched Safer Gambling Week, which allows visitors the chance to ask questions and seek advice through a variety of online and in-person events. There are venues offering in-person advice on everything from healthy gambling behaviours to online resources to gamble safer.

The event also offers workshops and training sessions led by charities like GamCare and YGAM. These workshops aim to reach young people, focussing on teachers, youth workers and health professionals.

Affiliate marketing would be a great help in reaching a younger audience by spreading the message online in channels that would reach young people.

How do affiliates promote Safer Gambling?

If you are marketing a gambling company, it is important that you incorporate safe gambling support and encourage safe gambling habits in your content. Safer Gambling takes the stance that affiliates must take the same approach they have; that responsible gambling must be enforced throughout their content – and this starts with promoting Safer Gambling.

Research the laws enforced by the UK Gambling Commission, which is the regulating body for gambling in the UK, to ensure that you are complying legally with promotional laws in your marketing campaign.

For example, the UKGC enforces the need to prominently display the logo of BeGambleAware on gambling websites and promotional content, which is an independent charity for gambling addiction, plus any other support systems they are in partnership with, like eCOGRA, GamCare and more.

Take a look at your promotional content, including emails, videos, banners, etc. and make sure they comply with safe gambling rules. You can also take the extra step of adding support links in your content. You can find lots of options relevant to your area or demographic on the Safer Gambling site. You can also add information on the five key behaviours of safer gambling, which are:

  1. Do not think of gambling as a way of making money
  2. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose
  3. Set a money limit
  4. Set a time limit
  5. Don’t chase your losses

Create new content to support Safer Gambling Week throughout early November. It is a chance to reach new eyes and raise awareness of the subject. You can follow the Safer Gambling social medias on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to engage with the campaign and encourage responsible gambling.

Contact any affiliate partners that may have an overlapping demographic. They can promote your brand and your dedication to responsible gambling to an audience that is likely to use the support resources available.

What resources are available?

Safer Gambling promotes a range of support systems covering various aspects of the negative effects of gambling.

There are gambling anonymous meetings available throughout the country. Gamblers looking for support can look at, or to find support and meetings near them. Scots can look at and there is also GA Gamblers Anonymous International at to visit.

Debt management is an important aspect of gambling, since it goes without saying that gambling irresponsibly can lead to a lot of debt. People looking to reduce their gambling debt can speak to Advice UK at for links to many debt management resources, like StepChange Debt Charity that offers debt counselling. There is also the National Debtline, Citizens Advice and PayPlan which can offer practical, long-term solutions to gambling debt.

Loan sharks are also a priority when it comes to gambling, as they can offer large sums of money that can be impossible to repay, getting customers into a debt hole, usually illegally. The Illegal Money Lending Team aims to prosecute loan sharks and you can report a loan shark to the Stop Loan Sharks project on an anonymous hotline at 0300 555 2222 or text 07860 022 116.

And finally, there is gambling counselling, support and residential care available throughout the UK. Search for BigDeal, the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, CNWL National Problem Gambling Clinic or the Chinese Mental Health Association for extra support for gambling issues.

You can scatter all these support lifelines throughout the content of your campaign, promoting Safer Gambling as a brand and safer gambling overall.

Safer Gambling Week runs from the 1st to the 7th of November, but support is available all year round.

If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling, there is a National Gambling Helpline available. Call 0808 8020 133 if you are in the UK, 08000 886 725 in Northern Ireland and 1800 936 725 in Ireland.

For more information on affiliate marketing, or for more personal advice, book a free call with a member of our team.

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