How Apple’s new features could change affiliate marketing  

Although this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) differed from previous years, Apple still made a number of exciting announcements. Due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, the event was held purely online for the second year in the row. The virtual WWDC event kicked off on the 7th of June, where Apple announced a number of new devices and software systems. Here is how Apple’s new software features could change the way that we work as affiliate marketers.

iOS 15

During the WWDC, Apple announced several new features for their devices, including the latest version of their iOS operating system. iOS 15 is set to be released later this year and will introduce a new range of features for Apple devices. This includes new features for FaceTime calls, notifications, privacy features, and much more. As affiliate marketers we will be affected by these new features, especially the new features for FaceTime.

iOS 15 will bring features such as voice isolation and Spatial Audio to FaceTime calls. It will also support Portrait mode and will offer a new grid view so more faces can be seen at same time. SharePlay is another new feature that will allow users to share media while on a FaceTime call. With iOS 15 users will also be able to create shareable links to a scheduled FaceTime calls, which can also be opened on Android and Windows devices.

With the introduction of SharePlay and shareable links it will now be easier for us as affiliates to share videos and content with the brands that we are working with. These features will eliminate the need for content to be sent forward and back to brands for approval. This will save a lot of time for affiliates, meaning that more content can be created and shared for brands.

macOS Monterey

As affiliates we will also be affected by new features on macOS Monterey, such as the addition of SharePlay. Just like SharePlay on Facetime, the introduction of this feature on macOS will make it even easier for affiliates to communicate and share content with brands.  ‌macOS Monterey‌ will also see the introduction of a Shortcuts app for Mac devices. Just like on iOS, Shortcuts on Mac will let users easily complete tasks, and Apple also plan on introducing a large assortment of pre-built shortcuts for Mac users, which will improve the way affiliates work even more.


At WWDC, Apple also announced that iCloud is getting a premium subscription tier known as ‌iCloud‌+. This feature will include a private relay that will allow users to browse the web through Safari with all information leaving their device remaining encrypted and provide them with access to “Hide My Email”. Private relay with iCloud+ will act similarly to a VPN and will ensure that no third party can view your private details on your Apple device, which is extremely important as an affiliate with confidential information.

As you can see, Apple’s new features will improve the way that we work as affiliate marketers.

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