ANJ joins arms with OFDT to combat addiction in France

ANJ (l’Autorité Nationale des Jeux), a French gambling regulator, has joined arms with the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug addiction (OFDT) to help combat addiction in the country.

The partnership was ratified on June 22nd by Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, ANJ president, and Julien Morel D’Arleux, director of OFDT. The two organisations have come together to develop their understanding of gambling addiction, so they can more effectively regulate France’s market.

Understanding the causes of addiction

A spokesperson for ANJ said this: “To maintain gambling in a sustainable perspective of recreational gambling and better protect players, it is essential to better understand the drivers of gambling behaviour and the complex phenomena of addiction they produce.”

Their collaboration will involve outlining the scope of their inventions, how they plan to prevent excessive or pathological gambling, and putting measures in place to protect all minors. As part of their agreement, ANJ will also be donating 0.002% of its stakes to fund scientific studies on gambling addiction.

Promoting a safer and better industry

In addition to this, OFDT and ANJ will combine their knowledge of recreational gambling and share any data they have relating to ADHD or other risk factors that can lead to addiction. Between 2021 and 2022, the organisations are hoping to create an action plan that allows them to identify and prioritise certain issues within the gambling industry.

In doing so, the two organisations should be able to effectively protect players and promote a better gambling industry overall.

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