How Affiliate Marketing Works for Gambling Companies

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing based on rewarding affiliates for the promotion and sharing of ideas.

It is based on the idea of sharing revenue with people that can publicise the company. Often performance figures are assessed as evidence of the affiliate’s influence in adverting a company or product.

So, if a company has a service it wishes to promote, it can compensate associates and influencers to generate leads to the company.

The Strength of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has become a key source of revenue for bloggers, influencers and internet-savvy businessmen. Saasscout mentioned that the 15% of the total digital media advertising revenue is delivered through affiliate marketing in a recent article on their site.

Affiliates are rewarded for their marketing efforts and will share in the strength of a company’s success. Often the marketing will take the form of a link that the affiliates will share on their platforms.

If a reader then follows that link and buys something from the company, that buyer’s journey will be recorded. The affiliate will then be rewarded for their promotion.

It is essentially an advertising model that keys into the popularity of link building and online sharing of information.

With business spending on affiliate marketing predicted to reach $8.2 million in the USA by 2022, it is a business area that will continue to thrive.

Affiliate Marketing for Gaming Sites

Gambling and online gaming sites are prominent in their use of this type of marketing.

Gambling is a profitable niche that can use affiliate marketing in a relatively straightforward way.

Gambling is one of the most competitive online industries that is prominent in the use of affiliate marketing. Fantasy sports games, online casino games, bookmakers, lotteries and card games all look to their affiliate, to help publicize sites and games.

The affiliates of gambling sites are often players of the sites themselves. They are people who use their online presence via social media and various platforms to promote the sites.

They will often have specific knowledge of gambling as players or as business owners. Affiliates might blog about their gaming experience to share with followers. By offering advice and tips to fellow gamers, they can build up a solid fanbase.

Affiliate Marketing in practice

The vast majority of companies within the gambling sector will use affiliate marketing to their advantage, 888 are one of the biggest names in the industry, they’ve paid their affiliates over $207,905,405.

There’s no better time to be an affiliate with 888, the group revenue increased 52% to $849.7 million for the year ended 31 December 2020.

Their poker product performed particularly well, revenue increased by 48%, meaning affiliates will also have profited from their success.

How are affiliates rewarded?

The readership and follower base of an affiliate are what make their skills so important to gaming and gambling sites.

Affiliates are rewarded with a share of the revenue drawn from new players that they have recommended the site to.

In some cases, affiliates can make a huge amount of money via a passive income. This income is known as passive because the marketing takes place mainly through the shared links leading to the business.

Affiliates can also be individuals or whole networks and companies themselves. By attracting and convincing new customers to the site in question, they will create new revenue streams.

There are different models in put place by companies for affiliate rewards.

These are variously known as Revenue-share, CPA (cost per action) or a mixture of both with customized schemes.

Revenue share

Revenue share is when the affiliates gain a percentage of the companies’ revenue based on players directed to the company. The rates vary depending on the affiliate and the company. It could also depend on the type of games that are being promoted.

In the case of 888 Poker, the company offers affiliates a share of the revenue generated by players that have been successfully referred. The competitive system is based on the number of players and the regularity of play.


Cost per action affiliate schemes are worked out at a fixed rate. The revenue share could be based on how many individual players are signing up with the company.

Sometimes it may depend on how much money a new player is depositing for the associate to receive their percentage. Companies can be quite flexible in how they deliver this. It could be based on the number of players refereed. The rate could then increase as more players sign up.

Mixed Schemes

On occasion, a company might use a combination of both schemes as its affiliate marketing model. It makes sense for the affiliate to be flexible in their arrangement with the company, as different marketing campaigns are tested out.

Long-term partnerships and lasting arrangements can be of huge benefit to both the company and its affiliates.

888 Poker Affiliate Marketing Scheme

One of the gambling industries top affiliate marketing schemes is offered by 888 Poker. The premium poker affiliate program provides its members with a wide range of benefits and resources.

Associates can use a wealth of promotional material to publicise the site their followers. By engaging and drawing new players to the poker games, they can share in the revenue.

Once they have signed up to the program, associates can choose from different marketing material making it easy to influence and promote. Affiliate commissions will then make a passive income more than possible.

Affiliate marketing is an important part of advertising and promotion that is sure to continue in prevalence across many industries.

In the gambling and gaming industry, as evidenced by 888 Poker, it looks set to grow even more influential.

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