Hot EPL matches and IPL still in full swing – how to make money from sports betting affiliate program

With 5 hot matches in the PL and several important events in the IPL, there are still plenty of opportunities for PMAffiliate affiliates to make money from the affiliate program.

PMaffiliates affiliate program – profiting from IPL and forthcoming matches in the EPL

Although the 21/22 English Premier League season is nearing its final, the closer we get to the denouement, the more hotly contested fixtures we will see. At the moment, there are two teams – Liverpool and Manchester City – fighting for the championship and going head-to-head, with Liverpool just one point behind in the league standings. However, a competitive environment such as the PL has always been renowned for hotly contested matches between the Big Six clubs, and Everton, along with Leicester, look set to make a strong showing this season. So, there are plenty of important matches coming up in May and we have selected the top 5 that are sure to attract a lot of attention from sports betting fans. Moreover, IPL, the Indian cricket league which is also well covered by bookies is now in full swing, so it’s not time to relax yet.

May promises to be hot not only for fans, bookies and sports bettors but also for affiliates working with affiliate programs. Although the market is literally flooded with various affiliate offers, PMaffiliates stands out from the crowd thanks to the numerous advantages available for those willing to make money from sports traffic. So, we are here to talk about the upcoming EPL and IPL events and how affiliates who decide to join PMaffiliates can benefit from them.

Top 5 upcoming English Premier League matches you shouldn’t miss

As English football has been on the rise of late – with the EPL side making it through to the semi-finals of the Champions League and Europa League nearly every year – almost every match involving the EPL representatives attracts tens of thousands of fans and bettors. We have selected the top 5 fixtures that are sure to excite sports betting enthusiasts:

Everton vs Chelsea on May 1, 2022. Although Everton is looking very unconvincing this season with 8 wins from 30 games played, the last game against Chelsea on December 16, 2021, ended in a draw, so at least the Scousers will look decent against a major rival.

Liverpool vs Tottenham on 7 May 2022. Struggling for the English Premier League title – and with ambitions of winning the Champions League – Liverpool has a tough schedule. What’s more, they are facing a formidable opponent in the form of The Spurs, who obviously has that nickname for a reason. So, this promises to be a very entertaining and dramatic encounter.

Leicester vs Everton on 7 May 2022. Ranked 9th in the league table, Leicester has established themselves as a tough mid-table side. However, many of us remember that momentous occasion on 2 May 2016 when the small football club proved that love of football, hard work and perseverance can be more valuable than cash injections. Although the Tigers have never managed to repeat their triumph since then, they are still worthy rivals even for clubs with championship ambitions.

Manchester United vs Chelsea on 15 May 2022. Struggling to regain their former glory, Manchester United (at the time of writing) has earned as many points as Arsenal and sits 5th in the standings. Although the great return of Cristiano Ronaldo has given the players confidence in their abilities, the Red Devils are still not in the right condition to fight for the title. However, the Reds will be hunting for every point to finish the tournament with the best possible result, so the upcoming fixture will not be an easy walk for the Pensioners.

Arsenal vs Everton on 22 May 2022. Since Arsene Wenger stepped down as head coach, The Gunners have been unable to find their place in the standings, wandering around the various parts. Although they have proven to be worthy of making it into the Big Six this season, current results are hardly satisfying for the most involved fans of the famous English club. Although the history between Arsenal and Everton speaks in favour of The Gunners, Everton is something of a dark horse managed by the very ambitious Frank Lampard, so the final result of the match may be very surprising.

Regardless of how these matches turn out, they will undoubtedly provide a very exciting experience for fans and sports bettors alike. So, there is a great opportunity for affiliates to make a good profit from the affiliate program.

Champions League, Europa League and Conference League Semi-Finals and Finals

With two Spanish and two English football teams both reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League, there are plenty of exciting matches ahead in Europe’s premier club football tournament. After sensationally beating Bayern Munich, Villarreal will be a formidable and unpredictable opponent for Liverpool. ‘Los Blancos’, on the other hand, showed their mettle and managed to beat Chelsea in a dramatic return leg in the quarter-final stages. There’s no doubt that games involving Europe’s four best (in terms of current results) teams will cause a lot of excitement.

Although the Europa League is ranked below the Champions League, the semi-final matches will also draw huge crowds and be well covered by the bookies. While Barcelona is relegated, West Ham United has reached the semi-finals of the European competition for the first time in 46 years, and there appears to be no intention of stopping there. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing some formidable encounters between some of the competition’s strongest contenders, and the outcome will very much depend on luck.

Relatively new, the Conference League is the least covered in the media, but undeservedly so. With four big names (Marseille, Feyenoord, Roma and Leicester) vying for the title, the Conference League offers five more thrilling encounters with the final to be played on 25 May 2022 in Albanian Tirana.

Indian Premier League well  covered by bookies

While cricket can be a little less spectacular than European football, IPL is on the rise and right now the regular season is in full swing with 60 thrilling matches taking place from April to May. Thanks to successful experiments with streaming via YouTube, IPL matches are now available for fans from all over the world to watch. Well-covered and attracting the attention of many bookies and bettors alike, IPL promises many more exciting matches worth betting on. So IPL can be lucrative not only for betting enthusiasts but also for affiliates working with affiliate programs.

Now is a great time to join PMaffiliates and make money from IPL affiliate marketing. For the most effective Revenue Share (RS) affiliates active during the IPL season (26 March to 29 May 2022), PMaffiliates is now offering a constant 50% RS. Moreover, CPA affiliates will have an opportunity to earn x2 commission from March 26 to May 29, 2022, when the regular IPL season is in full swing. Before joining PMaffiliates, please carefully read the terms and conditions of the current promotions and contact the support team or affiliate manager.

Find out the promo details here.

It’s time to capitalize on top sporting events with the PMaffiliates Affiliate Program

While any sports event wager involves the risk of losing money, there is a more promising way to profit from the IPL, EPL and top games in the European club championships, and that’s affiliate marketing. By joining the right sports betting affiliate program, you’ll increase your chances of earning passive income. So, by developing an effective advertising campaign with eye-catching creatives, the affiliate will direct betting enthusiasts to the Sportsbook platform and earn the big chunk of the bookmaker’s profits. Since the worst thing that can happen is that the affiliate earns nothing, affiliate marketing is a low-risk earning option available to everyone.

Although the affiliate market is very large and saturated, there are only a few affiliate programs worth your attention, and PMaffiliates is one of them. By joining PMaffiliates, you will get the following:

  • Provides effective creatives that appeal to many betting enthusiasts. Affiliates receive promotional material free of charge.
  • Event landing pages with clear calls to action.
  • A wide range of other tools to enhance the effectiveness of affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • High returns with different payout schemes – Revenue Share, Hybrid and CPA – as well as the ability to make deals with PMaffiliates on individual terms.


PMaffiliates is a direct advertiser with offers from Parimatch, the well-established brand in the sports betting world. Since Parimatch is the official sponsor of Juventus, Chelsea and Leicester, you will earn higher conversions on events involving these football clubs. PMaffiliates offers some of the best conditions on the market for affiliates so the bookie behind it, as well as the affiliates, can make the most out of the sporting events.

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