HooYu launches extra payment security measures

HooYu has announced the launch of their new Card Check feature to act as an extra security measure for customers at checkout.

What is Card Check?

HooYu – a provider of KYC technology – has developed a new Card Check feature as part of their already huge list of resources. HooYu have made it their aim to ensure that individuals are safe when making transactions online, using their identification as a security process. They have been at it for over twenty years and keep impressing their online community.

Their new Card Check feature essentially acts as an extra security measure whereby customers upload a photo of their chosen card payment method. From this, the team at HooYu then check the card number and name against the card that was used to deposit funds originally. One of the primary features of this prompt is that it doesn’t compromise the customers’ personal data or sensitive information.

Why Card Check?

As well as aiming to keep individuals safe online, HooYu know that there is a large market out there longing for safer payment methods. Ultimately, the Card Check feature ensures that customers have the correct card when cashing out. This will save both time and money when it comes to HooYu’s clients as their technological process can do the check feature for them.

HooYu’s clients want to speed up pay out the process for their customers as a recent survey suggested that 80% of players prefer their first choice of gambling provider to have a fast pay out method. David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu, noted that: “This new journey speeds up the pay out process and saves operators many man hours.”

This supplier extension will be useful for affiliates as it will leave more room for marketing opportunities. HooYu is definitely one to watch.

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