Habet pioneers new online gambling support network

As we head into the start of Responsible Gaming week, Affiverse caught up with some of the latest technology and marketing companies who are investing to promote change and collaboration between operators and consumers to tackle problem gambling.

In this exclusive interview with Dion Croom, CEO of Habet Addiction Healthcare Ltd. as we delve deeper into the uses for their new online support network and how it can help consumers with problem gambling behaviour, using social engagement.

AI: Tell us a bit about Habet and why you have created this particular online product and who is your target customer?

With the global meteoric rise of online gaming and the relative ease of access to it, gambling Addiction disorder is now recognised as a significant problem and a pathological disorder. 

Habet Addiction Healthcare Ltd. addresses gambling addiction holistically, by giving clients access to global online gambling addiction services. We’re building a worldwide network of trained and carefully screened addiction professionals, connecting them directly with sufferers around the world.  Habet will also provide resources, social engagement and support for anyone concerned, interested or affected by gambling addiction.

AI: What are some of the unique features that Habet offers to people with problem gambling behaviours to help them in real life?

We believe in putting people first and empowering them to make a difference in their own lives, by bringing them genuinely helpful and impactful support and tools. Habet seeks to solve issues of availability, timing, privacy and social stigma related to addiction. We recognise the need to provide these services in a way which is more familiar and engaging to those who are used to immersive, life-like online experiences.

AI: How can affiliates and operators in the iGaming industry participate in helping to share the benefits of your product?

Gambling Addiction is an issue that cannot be ignored by the industry. Habet is a genuine means for operators and affiliates to demonstrate their commitment to help their customers to maintain healthy habits and to provide actual support when behaviours indicate otherwise. Lowering gambling addiction benefits everyone ultimately and we welcome interest from gaming operators who would like to work with us on how we can achieve this together.

AI: How do you feel the online iGaming industry should be addressing problem gambling behaviours to prevent vulnerable customers from being marketed to?

Excluding an identified problem gambler from receiving direct marketing messages is simple and expected of licensed operators. It will take regulation or industry-wide initiatives to overcome the inherent data protection issues of flagging customers as someone who should not be marketed to.  

The industry uses some sophisticated data analysis for commercial purposes and is starting to turn this to the identification of behaviours that may call for some restriction or interaction with the customer but ultimately an Operator does not have control over what social media the customer may choose to engage with for example.

AI: The market is regulating to provide a more stringent framework under which businesses can operate and advertise. How do you feel the industry will change to deliver more professional business practices?

Naturally we will see the industry applying more self-regulation as it matures; the formation and activities of the SENET Group being an obvious example. In the meantime, political and societal pressure will result in increased regulation and that will increase the need for technical solutions such as Habet.

If you’re interested in finding out more on how Habet can support you with your responsible gambling strategy and corporate social responsibility, please contact them on: [email protected]

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