Greentube enters into esports sphere HERO

Greentube is set to enter into HERO, an online esports sphere that allows individuals from across the globe choose their stakes and compete.

What is HERO?

HERO is an Austrian-based esports platform whose original and current mission is to interrupt the online betting industry. They wanted to do this to prevent current bookkeepers deciding the odds and contests for individuals from around the world. Instead, they made it their aim to allow gamers to choose to create their own competitions and compete against one another.

Ultimately, HERO attempts to diminish some forms of bookkeeping trade within the igaming industry. This provides a fantastic platform for individuals to get creative when choosing their own contests and setting their odds. At the moment, HERO is supplying HEROcoin as their primary currency on the platform. This ensures that transactions across the platform are secure allowing players to play freely and safely wherever they are in the world.

Why Greentube?

The overarching HEROnetwork mainly supplies esports content but it is also designed for other betting, poker and fantasy games. With over 300,000 players, it is no wonder that HERO has attracted Greentube.

The Greentube sphere is aiming to help HERO become more diverse in their supply to customers. They hope to add more products for HERO players to enjoy. CFO/CGO at Greentube, Michael Bauer, notes that Greentube “aim to hold a leading position when it comes to adopting new trends and technology, and with HERO’s unique products, we have acquired an innovative and exciting business that will see us move into uncharted territory”.

And, for affiliates?

Greentube will undoubtedly widely diversify HERO’s supply which will attract more players over time. Therefore, affiliates should watch this space for potential marketing opportunities and see what’s in store.

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