Green Gaming releases new tool in efforts to tackle responsible gambling

Green Gaming 2.0 have focused on satisfaction and personalisation in their efforts to develop the site. The new features are designed as natural elements, which are integrated into the gaming experience in order to increase risk awareness and to also support balanced gaming behaviour.

Patrick Jonker CEO Mr Green, MD William Hill International said: Our goal is a long-term relationship with our customers. After two years with the Green Gaming predictive tool, we see that our satisfaction index constantly increases at the same time as smarter and individual responsible gaming measures have been introduced. Customer satisfaction drives loyalty which is the best currency to measure our success.”

Following the introduction of the predictive Green Gaming tool in 2017, Mr Green has taken the next step as they launch new features such as behaviour interventions and individual real-time push notifications, which are put in place to support balanced gaming. The automated communication is based on individual player data, using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The Green Gaming algorithm analyses the customer’s actual behaviour and also combines the individual player data with their own perception of how to play. Along with true insight, the plater can balance their own gambling habits – and in turn, Mr Green can customise offers and communication, depending on the risk behaviour of the individual.

The tool has been developed along side with Sustainable Interaction, who are based in Lund, Sweden and specialise in developing digital products and diagnostic tools in the field of responsible gaming and psychosocial health.

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