Gor Mnatsakanyan, Vbet: "Affiliates are a huge part of the German igaming market"

Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone caught up with Gor Mnatsakanyan, Vbet Regional Development Manager for Germany, who provides pointers and explains why affiliates are a huge part of the German igaming model.

 German players are “a bit conservative”

Germany is a huge market for igaming and sports betting, and one of the non-regulated European markets that is growing year-on-year. Yet Mnatsakanyan insists that German players are “a bit conservative” and like to know that they’re playing with a “good, secure company”. Operators must be visible in German online markets in order for their affiliates to be successful.

Content is very, very, very important”

Following on from the notion that German punters are cautious and conservative, this makes content even more important for affiliates trying to gain a foothold in the German market. Players are reading everything that is being posted about the company, so content must be centred around being trustworthy.

Know the product and give detailed reviews in order to build trust

Affiliates must know the product, know the market and know the mind-set held by the average German player. “It’s all about content, it’s all about visibility, it’s more than just the design of the site,” Mnatsakanyan explains.
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