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Google adds translated results in recent update

Google has encoded a change called translated results. This feature auto-translates the titles and snippets between six different languages so far. Translated results will automatically translate and rank web pages that are in a distinct language and then distribute the title and snippet in the translated language.

This only affects six languages so far

Although this feature is brilliant there is still the disappointment that it only works for six languages. Google took pride in ranking content from other languages; however, they didn’t translate the title and snippet beforehand. Translated results are being made possible due to google search central page documents – Google hopes that this update will avoid any content gaps that users are experiencing.

The six languages that are involved within the translated results are Indonesian, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Google was quoted stating: “If the user clicks the translated title link, all further user interaction with the page is through Google Translate, which will automatically translate any links followed.’’ This is a straightforward explanation of what the new update is actually doing when it comes to helping these languages breakthrough online barriers.

The previous translation used by Google

Previously, Google had a different method of translating results. The norm was for Google to add a link to translated content in the search results, However, it was noted that this didn’t translate the title and snippet which is shown in the search result. This update will be crucial in helping translate SERPs.

For affiliate marketers this is something that they must know as it is introducing more competition in terms of SEO, make sure you are keeping up to date with any updates from all social platforms.

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