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Goldman Sachs preparing to launch their own version of LinkedIn

Leading investment bank Goldman Sachs is preparing to launch their own version of LinkedIn. This platform will be known as Louisa and will be available first internally at Goldman before expanding to the wider world.

This platform was first thought up by Rohan Doctor, who used to head up bank solutions sales in the company’s Hong Kong operations. He first came up with the idea for it in 2019 and has been developing it ever since after successfully pitching it to the company’s internal incubator program, Accelerate.

It is thought that Louisa will allow Goldman staff to connect and share information easily. This will improve knowledge transfer within the company and, it is hoped, will help them respond to inquiries from clients at a much faster rate.

Creating a Unique Platform

This platform has allegedly been constructed using artificial intelligence. This will make use of language modelling and query parsing to properly understand what it has been asked for. The data gathered from these interactions will then be used to create databases that will then be able to target specific content and suggested topics.

Louisa will then be able to bring together users and groups to engage with each other, in addition to reporting on how certain features are used within these groups.

Though the initial launch will be internal, if successful one could expect Louisa to roll out first to the clients of Goldman Sachs, and then to the general public. If launched successfully, this could be one of the biggest professional platforms out there for data sharing in this way.

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