Global Gaming: Creating the perfect climate for affiliates

Global Gaming’s recently launched affiliate program allows partners across Europe to work in conjunction with Global Gaming to promote its products, including flagship brand Ninja Casino, which offers one of the fastest and most hassle-free online casino experiences in the world.

Affiverse spoke to Global Gaming’s head of affiliates Elaine Gardiner, who revealed how the firm is looking to maximise affiliate partnerships.

Firstly, could you tell us more about the Global Gaming brands and why they’re so well suited to affiliate partnerships?

Global Gaming operates a number of innovative and highly successful casino brands, including our flagship site Ninja Casino, as well as the newly-launched SpelLandet”

“The award-winning Ninja Casino was the first casino within the industry to offer PayNPlay to customers, which means there’s no registration process and customers can deposit instantly and withdraw within five minutes. This is perfect for affiliates to market something new rather than traditional casino as they have been for the last 10 years or so.

“SpelLandet is our newest casino brand, which only launched a few weeks ago. It incorporates the same technology and unique features encompassed with PayNPlay but takes a slightly more light-hearted approach. We’re very optimistic about the brand’s future and believe it will grow to become a very popular site.”

What are the benefits of the PayNPlay feature and how does it enhance the Global Gaming offering?

“Our PayNPlay platform developed in conjunction with Trustly allows players to play their favourite casino games instantly, as it removes the complex registration process associated with traditional gaming sites. The model means we can automatically create an account that, using an Electronic Identification (eID) log-in connected to a verified bank account, we know for certain that it belongs to a certain individual.

“The feature also makes us far more socially responsible, as these advanced KYC measures increase our AML compliance and go above and beyond the protocols typically found on a standard online casino.”

Given that you’re less likely to offer bonuses and sign-up offers, can you describe what type of content you prefer to see from your affiliates?

“Since we don’t have a welcome bonus, which is new in the affiliate world and for players as well, given that almost every casino promotes a welcome offer. At first, I thought this would be a stumbling block, however it has actually worked incredibly well.

“It seems some players are getting fed up of 200 per cent welcome offers, and just want to play casino games.”

Can you tell us more about the benefits that are involved for affiliates partnering with Global Gaming?

“From the outset, myself and the rest of the team wanted to create a program that saw us work closely with all our partners and perfect the basics of affiliate marketing. We’ve aimed to mirror Global Gaming’s values and unique offering, by launching a program that focuses on close relationships.”  

Which are the core markets that Global Gaming thrives in and do you have any plans for expansion?

“Since its inception in 2009, Global Gaming has grown to become a major name within the Nordics. Sweden is a key market for us, while we also have a strong presence within Finland. More recently, we have expanded into Estonia after being granted a licence.”  

How much more of an informative approach do your affiliates need to take?

“Since no bonuses and five-minute cash-outs are new to everyone, it’s up to the affiliate to educate the player on the benefits of playing at our casino.

“However our casino won’t be for everyone. People looking specifically for free spins or free money won’t like our casino, but for the serious casino players, we’re just what they are looking for.”

What type of platforms do you think are best suited to affiliates to attract content to your site?

“Ninja Casino, we’re seeing really good results from traditional SEO sites, especially when affiliates have introduced a ‘no account casinos’/‘no registration casinos’ added to their sites.

“For SpelLandet we’re seeing good results from social traffic as SpelLandet is aimed at females.”

To find out more about Global Gaming Affiliates and how the brand can help enrich your affiliate marketing product, click here.

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