GiG introduces language detection feature to GiG Comply

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) has introduced a new language detection feature to its marketing compliance tool, GiG Comply. This will help iGaming operators using the software to ensure they are abiding by regulatory guidelines.

The language detection feature will be able to detect what language a website is using to market their brand. This means iGaming operators can make sure they are abiding by the rules and regulations of each country.

Helping operators in newly-regulated markets

Ben Clemes, CCO of GiG, said this about the latest update to their software: “We are continuously improving and advancing on our products not only to ensure they reflect what is happening in the market but also so that we can continue to meet the needs of our partners.”

“The new language feature not only helps to ensure that our partners are ahead of the game and are fully compliant in newly-regulated markets, but it also enables them to do so effectively and efficiently via a fast and automated process.”

More stringent regulations for iGaming

This new language detection software has perfect timing, as various iGaming markets are enforcing more stringent regulations for online gambling. For example, strict compliance measures have been introduced in Germany, such as a €1,000 cap on monthly deposits.

Thanks to the GiG Comply tool, iGaming operators should be thoroughly prepared for and compliant with these new rules and regulations.

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