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Germany’s new GGL regulator is handing out almost 50 more gaming licenses

Germany’s newly created iGaming regulator, Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL), is already geared up to approve almost 50 more gambling licences for online slot machines and poker providers.

These licences are conditional and so far only 25 of these providers have been added to the official white list of operators in Germany due to a failure to provide security deposits.

The GGL has been in development for 18 months and officially took over all iGaming regulatory tasks on January 1st 2023. The GGL has also approved almost 600 of its 3,500 individual game permit applications for online slots and poker games. However, it has been pointed out that a lot of these games have been rejected for not being up to standard.

In a statement, the newly crowned GGL CEO Ronald Benter said: “We have to conclude that not all of the gaming permits submitted are allowable. Often it fails due to the simplest of requirements, for example, if there are only English instructions for the game. In Germany, we expect better coordination between the providers and studios.”

“We will revoke permits if we find serious violations,” added Benter. “Our goal is a level playing field for all providers. We want to ensure that the business model of offering illegal or non-compliant gambling on the internet is not worthwhile in the long term.”

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