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German-facing online casinos to be ‘tolerated’ during transition period

German-facing online casinos will be allowed to continue operating in the country until permanent legislation comes in – under certain conditions.

All operators will be obliged to adhere to future regulations as if they are already in force and have just over a month to ensure that they are compliant.

The Fourth Interstate Treaty on Gambling is expected to be implemented at the beginning of next July.

All 16 of Germany’s states agreed to let operators off the hook, though some were more reluctant than others.

If you choose not to comply, you will still be prosecuted 

The news about the period of tolerance was reported by media in Germany earlier this week.

German-facing online casinos will have to implement stake limits of €1 per spin, as is outlined in proposed regulations. Moreover, they will have to adhere to advertising restrictions and everything else that is laid out in the unified treaty.

Operators will also need to ensure that they have adapted their services accordingly by 15th October. If they have not done so by this date, then they will remain liable to prosecution for operating in what largely is an unregulated market at the moment.

By law, online casino gaming in Germany is currently only legal in Schleswig-Holstein. However, there is a significant grey market which operators have been navigating for years.

Not all states were crazy about the decision 

Even though there was a unanimous agreement, not every state was enthusiastic. It has been reported that the state of Bremen only agreed because if it hadn’t, it feared unified legislation would collapse and the market would therefore remain disjointed.

It has not yet been revealed how the operators who are being given a letting-off will be monitored for compliance.

Earlier this summer, online casinos in Germany agreed to voluntarily set limits related to advertising on TV.

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