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Gaming halls in Buenos Aires to get licences

Businesses in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will now be able to apply for licences for their gaming halls that also allow them to operate online. This change comes following the resolution of a motion submitted by the

Regulations introduced earlier in the year prohibited these operators from applying for such licences as there were concerns that it would lead to “monopolistic practices”. However, LotBA has now issued a resolution to remove the prohibition from gaming hall operators. Betting shop operators – also included in the original ban – are still blocked from online operators.

This resolution was No. 231/20 and was approved 27-5, with 26 abstentions.

The city’s lawmakers also introduced some new regulations set to further protect players. Law 6331 dictates that all gaming halls must display signs that read “compulsive gambling is harmful to your health” in addition to displaying contact information for gambling addiction support such as a phone number and web address. Such a sign needs to take up at least 25% of the gaming hall’s door.

In addition to this, ATMs are not permitted within 200m of the gambling halls. Inside, clocks will be prominently displayed, and electronic payments will not be accepted in any form.

Amongst these new regulations is also the introduction of a self-exclusion register. This will allow players to opt for exclusion for a minimum period of six months. All gambling advertising must warn of gambling addictions and cannot be directed to minors.

This follows on from discussions about the future of online gambling in the Buenos Aires province last year, with operators such as Betway and Bet365 expressing an interest in entering the market. However, recent changes in political leadership casts questions as to whether such changes will be brought about soon.

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