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Atemi Group acquired by Better Collective for £40m

Sports betting media group Better Collective has finalised the acquisition of lead generation company Atemi Group.

In a huge strategic move, Better Collective has paid £40m to acquire this company that was founded in 2015. Atemi Group already has a strong global presence with its main operations based in London. This company specialises in lead generation through PPC and social media advertising. Their distribution channels including Facebook, Google, Instagram and Microsoft Bing.

CEO of Better Collective, Jesper Søgaard, noted the huge potential that this latest acquisition has. He said, “The acquisition will immediately bring Better Collective in the absolute leading position when it comes to customer acquisition for the online operators, with an estimated annual NDC level of more than 600.000, and from a financial perspective Better Collective will take a leap of having proforma annual revenue of estimated more than 120 million EUR with high operational earnings and cash flow.”

Founder of Atemi Group Richard Skelhorn expressed his delight to be joining Better Collective over the coming year. He said, “Atemi and Better Collective are both market leaders in their respective areas, and the combination of the two companies, creates a very strong force in gaming affiliation.”

Reports suggest that the objectives of this acquisition include gaining access to key traffic acquisition channels and gaining access to key social media marketing platforms. Better Collective also believes that this acquisition will give them the opportunity to expand into new markets including the USA.

£32.5m of the £40m was paid upfront with the remaining £7.5m to be paid over equal payments throughout 2021. It is clear that this £40m acquisition will put both Better Collective and Atemi Group on the right track.

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