Miratrix’s Duddy: Game-changing insight in mobile data

Last week at AffiliateFEST, we had the pleasure of inviting Nick Duddy (Miratrix) to our stage. In this fantastic session, he gave our delegates some key insights into the sector of ASO and mobile data. Join us for a round-up of the session to learn about what you missed on the day…

App store optimisation

Optimising for search in the app store can be difficult, as it’s a completely different ball game from SEO. Those tried and true techniques you love to use for your sites won’t have the same impact on your app listings. As Nick explained, you don’t know the keyword performance or search volume for your listing. There are few performance levers known for ASO and these can be costly to manipulate too.

When assessing the key mobile data, Nick told affiliates that the majority of users will abandon an app that takes longer than five seconds to load. He went on to detail the average cost of acquisition for different platforms and actions through these apps. With over 300,000 of these apps in the various app stores out there, what can affiliates do to stand out?

Machine Learning

Nick continued his session by giving examples of some of the data it was possible to garner from different app listings. With changes like featured images, listings, links and more – the position and visibility of the app begins to change. With these factors, there’s a lot of data to gather and understand across the many thousands of listings in action.

That’s where machine learning comes in. As Nick emphasised, all of this data is messy and we can’t hope to understand it. To process this data would take a person a long time and may lead to mistakes that create inaccurate correlations. Using their algorithms, they began to experiment with collecting data from the most popular app listings.

This information was incredibly interesting for our affiliates, as it gave them a sneak peek into what the various factors impacting listings are. This kind of in depth analysis by the Miratrix team was truly fascinating and the results were definitely not what we expected.

The first revelation from this survey was that link data doesn’t seem to have a discernible impact on the listing. They also found that there were common factors that could be extrapolated from the data. Though this is a good start for understanding these listings more effectively, there’s still more to be done in terms of research.

Next on the agenda for Nick is to understand which factors have the most weight within these rankings. Link quality will also be assessed, to investigate whether a higher quality would have a greater effect. Finally, they also plan to check into if a mix of links and listing page features would have a further impact.

This is cutting edge data and it’s incredibly exciting to watch this play out. At the fore, Nick has been doing some great investigating into the ASO market.

While the SEO market is saturated with studies and algorithm investigations, this is something that hasn’t caught on in the ASO market as of yet, using mobile data to optimise campaigns can help improve your results. Studies like this one are key to further our understanding of this optimisation. The more you know about the top listings and the qualities that they share, the more you can do to reach the top with your app.

If you want to make sure you get cutting edge information that will give you the edge over the competition, then make sure you come to our next event. We’ll have some fantastic speakers to give you the scoop on what you should be doing to improve your brand visibility.

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