Gambling placed on lockdown in Italy until 24 November

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte has announced another lockdown in the country. This lockdown will last until 24 November and has been enforced in an attempt to avoid a further wave of COVID-19. The move has forced a lot of businesses in Italy to close, including gambling businesses.

Closure of businesses

Some of the restrictions put in place by the latest Italian lockdown include bars and restaurants closing at 6pm on weekdays with full closures on Sunday. It has also been stated that any non-essential businesses must close their doors.

Non-essential businesses in Italy include betting shops, bingo halls and arcades. Sadly, these locations will have to shut until 24 November meaning that a lot of revenue will be lost.

It should be noted that Italian citizens can still engage in the Lotto and SuperEnalotto games by purchasing tickets at kiosks and stores. However, this will require social distancing and this will be the only retail vertical available.

A quick response

The response to this lockdown from those in the gambling industry in Italy hasn’t been positive. In fact, some of Italy’s gambling main trade bodies have expressed their anger and disappointment. This is due to strict measures already in place in gambling venues and no registered outbreaks coming from these stores.

According to reports by Acadi, operators in Italy will have lost a total of €1.8 billion as a result of the pandemic and these closures.

Hopefully, when 24 November comes around, these venues will be able to open once again. For now, the gambling industry in Italy is certainly taking a hit with the closures.

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