Nasdaq Stockholm listing is part of our "overall corporate finance strategy" Chief Executive Charles Gillespie has described the listing of the group’s bonds on Nasdaq Stockholm as “an important part of our overall corporate finance strategy moving forward”.
The comments were made to Affiverse as the industry affiliate network published a corporate bond prospectus for €16 million.
The bond prospectus is attached to’s recent announcement, in which the firm declared that it would sanction a senior-secured-notes transaction seeking to raise the target fund.
The secured transaction carries a three-year tenor, set at a fixed interest rate of 10.5%. The bond sees expand its available debt framework to circa €25 million, having partially redeemed on €7 million convertible bond issue transacted in February 2017.
Gillespie continued: “As a Nasdaq affiliated issuer we can conduct a tap issue under the current framework to raise additional funds or even do an all new bond in the future. The Nasdaq rulebook for companies with listed bonds is fairly similar to those with listed equity. Thus the experience is similar to being a company with listed equity and we expect this extra profile to benefit the Group with its clients and partners.”
Swedish investment fund Intertrust has served as the lead bond-holding agent, with the bond notes serviced by Euroclear Sweden AB as depository.
The bond prospectus is available on the group’s corporate website and on the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority website

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