Gambling App Ban

Gambling App Ban Lifted In 15 Countries By Google

Google has recently updated its Google Play Store policies with good news for gambling and betting operators across 15 new countries. Currently, there is a gambling app ban in all countries excluding the UK, Brazil, France and Ireland. However, Google has recently announced that gambling apps will be allowed in 15 more countries.

Gambling apps permitted from 1 March

Under the new rules released by Google, the gambling app ban will be lifted in these countries from 1 March 2021. Some of the countries on the list include Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Germany and the USA.

However, it is important to note that gambling regulations in these countries will also affect the apps that are allowed to be active on the Google Play Store. Some countries are stricter than others when it comes to online betting and lotteries.

Application processes still exist

As the gambling app ban is lifted by Google across these additional 15 countries, it is important to note that there won’t be an immediate influx of new apps for players to download. Google has a strict application process that developers need to follow before their gambling apps will be loaded onto the Play Store.

Within the application process, developers must ensure that their app is licensed under the gambling regulations in the country that it will be sold. This helps to keep Google on the right side of the law and prevents any illegal gambling apps being added to the Google Play Store.

By having apps readily available for download on the Google Play Store, operators will be able to reach a much larger market in the country they are operating in. For affiliates, this also brings more opportunities once 1 March comes around.

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