Gambling ad rules clarified by Lithuania

The Gambling Supervision Service has clarified the rules for gambling ads in Lithuania. There was previously confusion over whether the new rules for the application of warnings on gambling ads would also apply to sponsorship. Now, it has been made clear that this is, something that sponsorship agreements need to adhere to.

A new law passed

Just last week, the state legislature, the Seimas, passed a new law that covers the sponsorship element of gambling ads. Any sponsorships that appear to resemble traditional advertising are now covered by the rules previously set out.

The Gambling Supervision Service also clarified that any deals in this area must be referred to as ‘sponsorships’ and not ‘partnerships’ as previously done so by operators.

There are certain exclusions from the rule

It is important to note that this new rule clarification by Lithuania comes with some exceptions. Any advertisements that are worn on the clothing of a team or individuals do not need to have warnings. Additionally, any advertisements in the names of events or at the events do not require a warning.

However, should the advertisement contain more than just the trademarks and the name of the brand, there must be a warning. An example given includes any ads that mention the types of gambling products that are offered by the brand. In this case, a warning would be required.

Take note of any changes

It is vitally important that any affiliates and operators stay on top of any regulatory changes across the markets that they are operating in. A breach of gambling laws can result in fines and further action taken in some cases.

With this new clarification from the Lithuanian government, we can all understand more clearly what we can and can’t do when advertising in this region.

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