Future Anthem secures partnership with Microsoft

The world’s leading gaming AI and Game Data Science specialist Future Anthem has secured ‘Co-Sell Ready’ partner status with Microsoft.

From pioneer to leader

Future Anthem is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Game Data Science specialist founded in 2018.

The London-based company combines data, technology and professional services to offer Game Data Science as a Service to the global gambling industry. It uses machine learning to provide actionable intelligence and to help its clients, including several of the industry’s largest operators and leading studios, grow responsibly and sustainably using Game Data Science.

The pioneer quickly became a market leader and one of the world’s first iGaming companies to earn ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status with technology giant Microsoft.

“Our approach to AI and data is pioneering within the iGaming industry and we are incredibly pleased to land a strategic partner in Microsoft that shares our clear and ambitious vision to grow responsibly and sustainably”, said Future Anthem CEO and founder Leigh Nissim.

The accreditation

The project to reach ‘Co-Sell Ready’ status was spearheaded by Future Anthem CMO and cloud computing expert Mitchell Feldman that required employees to undergo rigorous training, upskilling and an accreditation process.

Commenting on the project Feldman said: “The elasticity and security of Microsoft Azure, coupled with the lead-generation injection that being a co-seller brings, means that will have a transformational effect on our ambitious growth strategy.”

The select accreditation sees Future Anthem onboarded to Microsoft’s solutions offering, which will fast track commercial opportunities beyond its existing core market in the UK and Europe. As a co-seller, Microsoft’s in-house sales team will be allowed to directly pitch Future Anthem’s Anthemetrics platform to its customers.

“This is a significant and exciting development that demonstrates how quickly Future Anthem is maturing and creates huge opportunity for us to hyperscale on a global basis”, added Nissim.

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