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Further TikTok gambling ads permitted in Australia

Last November, TikTok permitted what were the first gambling advertisements on the platform, allowing Sportsbet to run a limited selection of TikTok gambling ads in Australia. 

Now, it seems the company is looking to expand this option and allow for more TikTok gambling ads, with news emerging that two more Entain brands, Neds and Dabble, will also be permitted to run advertisements on the Australian version of the video-sharing app. 

TikTok Australia’s ad policy stipulates that gambling advertisements of all kinds are prohibited unless TikTok gives permission. 

However, gambling ads will only be shown to users aged 21 or over, and the content of the ads will be carefully monitored to ensure are appropriate and that they adhere to regulatory standards. As per Australian law, all ads must contain the responsible gambling tagline: “Chances are you’re about to lose”. 

In addition, users will have the option of opting out to stop gambling ads from appearing in their feeds. 

The majority of TikTok’s user base is female, which means the platform is an attractive target for gambling firms, which attract a largely male audience. Until now, TikTok has been steadfast in its opposition to gambling ads, but this news indicates a shift in attitude. 

The Neds ads on TikTok will encourage users to download the Neds gambling app, while Dabble is producing content in collaboration with AFL player Dane Swan. 

The news has been met with widespread criticism, with anti-gambling campaigners suggesting that the ads will lead to increased rates of gambling-related harm. 

Some have also cited fears that responsible gambling slogans will be less effective on TikTok, as users will be able to swipe to the next video before any messaging is displayed. 

Concerns have also been raised about the risk of exposing TikTok’s young users to gambling ads, although the age limit put in place by the platform appears to address this criticism. 

The news marks a significant change for the app, and we could see TikTok gambling ads rolled out in more countries in the future. 

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