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From Novice to Ninja: How to Grow Your iGaming Affiliate Program

Welcome to our second episode of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast for 2024. We’re excited to bring you a whole range of topics over this coming season. In the hot seat this week is Roman Bespalov, the Senior Affiliate Manager of Alpha Affiliates and our sponsor for this season. Roman shares his experiences and insights as an affiliate manager, including valuable advice for new affiliate managers entering the industry.

Listen in here for all of the insights:

Building relationships

Lee-Ann begins by asking Roman about his experience as an affiliate manager. She asks what some of the best and worst things are that he’s experienced from working with affiliates in his career, today.

Roman replies, “I think the best experience has been to meet people from all over the world and to travel for different conferences, of course. Because you know, it really sounds like a dream when you can travel and work. To communicate with different people – to build some partnerships and relationships with them – you can improve a lot of your skills, like English skills or Spanish skills. It’s a big market, too. The worst thing, when I was not an affiliate manager and I was an advertising manager, was that I had to connect with advertisers.  I would sometimes receive answers in a more rude form. It’s not a good experience. But in general, I think we are lucky guys who work in this industry, so it’s not really any bad experience in this sphere.”

Leveraging events to grow affiliate programs

Lee-Ann asks Roman, “We’re all gearing up for some of the industry’s biggest affiliate events. What are some of the reasons why you like going to these and how is your team leveraging events to grow your affiliate program?”

Roman explains, “So, last year we were at a lot of conferences, around seven as I remember. We were at IGB London, we were at SiGMA Dubai, AW Summit Bucharest, SiGMA Americas in Brazil, IGB Amsterdam, SBC Barcelona, and the last one was SiGMA Malta. Also, we started to publish more expert articles in different media sources. At this conference, we met with a lot of iGaming media. We did some interviews and podcasts. What we actually do for our affiliates, of course, is we’re trying to build a great partnership – not only about business. The first thing should be a human relationship. So, when you meet with your best partner – not only the best partners, with all partners – you have to be yourself. You have to spend time with your partners.”

Let’s hear about the cool tools!

That hot topic of AI is mentioned and Lee-Ann asks Roman, “We’re talking about AI, we’re talking about how that’s going to impact and change the way that affiliate management works. Even though both you and I agree that it’s not going to replace human relationships, what are some of the cool tools that you’re using right now that our community can learn from? What are some of the AI tools that you’re investigating or using in your program to develop better best practices?”

Roman replies, “As an affiliate manager, I use some tools like SEMrush, DeepCI. It’s a tool that can help me to find new affiliates, and to analyse traffic on the sites, because it’s mostly about SEO traffic. SEO is one of our main sources. Right now AI absolutely can’t replace humans in our work. I hope it will never happen, to be honest. Because today we’re talking a lot about relationships and about how to be a human in this business. Of course, machines can’t replace relationships between people. So I hope that it never happens. Let’s see!”

Listen to find out more about:

  • Building relationships with affiliates
  • Leveraging conferences to grow affiliate programs
  • Campaigns and strategies for affiliate programs

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[05:33] Best and worst experiences working with affiliates

[12:33] Tips for getting the most out of industry events

[25:50] Advice for new affiliate managers


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