Four years of excellence: Exness Affiliates marks its anniversary

A vast network of partners, high rewarding potential, and a new award in the portfolio — these are just a few of the program highlights from Exness Affiliates.

Exness Affiliates, a leading CPA program in the fintech industry, recently celebrated its fourth anniversary.

“This milestone is more than just a date: it reflects the program’s hard work and significant achievements in affiliate marketing,” its marketing manager, Jana Ivanov, told Affiverse. She also said that Exness Affiliates had “set the standard in the fintech sector, with its commitment to innovation, rewarding partnerships, and community involvement.”

Here, Affiverse explores the moments that have shaped the program over those four years.

Extensive affiliate partner pool: over 28,000 on board

Since its launch on 10 December 2019, Exness Affiliates has built itself a robust network of partners. Today it has a thriving community of over 28,000 members driving the program’s success.

Rewarding excellence: $1 million (USD) for the top partner

Exness Affiliates generously compensates its partners. The CPA program provides daily commissions of up to $1,850 (USD) per referred client, varying by country. One of the program’s leading affiliates earned over $1 million (USD) in a year (December 2022 to December 2023), a testament to Exness’ pledge to recognizing their achievements.

According to Nir Iter, Senior Affiliate Manager, “The foundation of our program is to empower our affiliates with competitive rewards. We are dedicated to supporting their marketing efforts and celebrating the remarkable results of our top performers.”

Industry recognition: six affiliate marketing awards

Exness Affiliates has earned six trophies, demonstrating its commitment to excellence. The most recent awards include ‘Best Affiliate Program’ by Traffic Summit 2022, ‘Affiliate Program of the Year’ by SiGMA/AGS Asia 2023, and ‘Best CPA Affiliate Program’ at the Space Awards 2023.

“These awards are not just tokens of appreciation — they affirm the standards we’ve set and help us secure our position as one of the premier affiliate programs in the fintech market,” Jana Ivanov said.

Continuous program improvement: adding affiliate tools, serving new countries and languages

Exness Affiliates consistently updates its offerings and features, staying ahead of the competition. This year, the product team launched the Traffic Quality Index to increase payout transparency and help affiliates understand how traffic value affects their earnings. The program now accepts traffic from over 1 00 countries and is constantly expanding. The Partner Personal Area now supports Arabic, catering to the burgeoning MENA region market.

Product Manager Sergey Kovalev emphasized the program’s community-focused approach: “We actively engage with affiliates, shaping our services and tools based on their invaluable feedback. A user-centric approach is at the heart of our product.”

Pioneering industry events: CPA Meetup

Charting new territories, Exness Affiliates organized the industry’s inaugural CPA Meetup, creating a space for affiliates to learn, connect, and strengthen community ties. The team prepared a YouTube documentary on that pioneering gathering that set a benchmark for the next affiliate events. The film captures an insider’s view of the program’s managers and its emphasis on community and learning.

Celebrating together: engaging with the affiliate community

Marking this four-year milestone and 15 years of Exness, the team welcomed 15 top affiliate partners at the company’s headquarters in Cyprus. The trip included island tours and multiple other events like dinners and parties, to celebrate the exceptional moments experienced and achieved together.

Additionally, Exness Affiliates launched several initiatives online: from a Facebook anniversary giveaway and Instagram quiz on the program’s history to a video with four years’ worth of highlights.

As Exness Affiliates turns the page on another year, Affiverse congratulates the program on setting the bar high in affiliate marketing. We look forward to many more years of innovation, collaboration, and success.

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