First online gaming bill introduced in Chile

In an effort to introduce and regulate iGaming within Chile, the government has announced its first online gambling bill to be published in the country. The plans were first discussed and thought to be put into place in 2021, however the changes have not been brought into action until now. The regulation lays out the potential landscape of iGaming going forward in the country as it continues to grow in popularity.

So what does this mean for online gaming in Chile? The bill details the tax that both companies and players would pay on their winnings. As it stands only the state-run lotteries, horse racing and casinos can run legally however such legislation paves the way for other online games going forward and how they would operate. It has also been published that ‘The Ministry of Finance will prepare a National Responsible Online Gambling Policy, which will be implemented by the new regulatory body. The operating companies must allocate 1% of their annual gross income to actions aimed at promoting responsible gaming.’ This is a big step forward for safer online gambling within the country.

With iGaming continuing to be a growing industry across the world, this is an important opportunity for affiliates and their partners to expand in South America as Chile leads the way for other countries to follow.

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