FansUnite Entertainment applied for UK licenses

FansUnite Entertainment has applied for licenses that would allow them to operate in the UK. The Canadian technology developer has applied for the B2C gambling operator and B2B technology supplier licenses.

To be able to operate in the UK, any software provider needs to obtain licenses from the UK Gambling Commission.

FansUnite Entertainment will be able to offer their products to UK operators if they are granted these licenses. Through their subsidiary brand E.G.G. Ltd, they also intend to offer B2C gambling solutions to companies in the UK.

The chief executive of FansUnite, Scott Burton, said: “The U.K. gambling licenses are widely regarded as the gold standard for lawful gaming operations and we are pleased to have formally submitted our application with the commission.

“The first step to our expansion in the U.K. is to obtain the relevant licenses from the country’s Gambling Commission, which will allow us to license our betting solutions as well as operate our B2C betting platforms in the United Kingdom.

“By doing so, we will be in a position to advance our operations to capture market share in one of the most lucrative online betting markets in the world.”

The brand has already obtained licenses for the European markets through the Malta Gaming Authority in December 2020. Should they be able to obtain licenses for the UK too, it will no doubt prove to be a great step for the brand in their plans for growth and expansion.

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