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Facebook to ease policy on social issues within advertisements

Social media platform Facebook has walked back its strict policies on posting about social issues.

As we have covered in the past, Facebook recently put forward new policies involving advertisements. They previously said that any Facebook post considered a “sensitive topic” would be removed from the platform.

The term “sensitive topics” was outlined by Facebook and includes politics, health, activism, and more.

What’s the problem?

This has been said to have an effect on marketing in general since customers are known to support brands that align with their policies. Young customers in particular are known to “serve justice with their wallets” and boycott brands that don’t align with their priorities.

What has changed?

It seems Facebook has listened to this criticism since they have walked back the strict nature of their policy.

In an updated statement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it was said that there are eased back rules to the policy with three new criteria to post sensitive topic ads.

“1. A product or service is prominently shown in use or named or referenced in the ad.

  1. The primary purpose of the ad is to sell a product or promote a service, even if the ad content includes advocacy for a social issue; and
  2. The ad content contains a call-to-action to purchase or use the product or service.”

So, profiles that are using social issues to specifically sell a product will not be removed or need verification.

Why is Facebook doing this?

According to the statement posted by Mark Zuckerberg, the platform having a critical eye placed upon it recently concerning its effect on politics has caused it to take action.

In his statement, Zuckerberg explained, “With important elections coming up in the US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan, and more countries in the next year, one of my top priorities for 2018 is making sure we support positive discourse and prevent interference in these elections.”

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