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Facebook tests “Subscribers Only” posts for creators

Along the same lines as Patreon, or dare we say OnlyFans, Facebook is testing exclusivity on its platform with “Subscribers Only” posts.

A creator can post a piece of content that will be limited to being viewed only by users that have subscribed to the creator’s profile. You can also edit the timing of the post where you can offer early access for subscribers, from 24 hours to a week.

Instagram is the platform that prides itself on putting creators first and offering more features to influencers, and it appears that Facebook wants a piece of that action. Typically, Facebook users don’t have subscribers, they have friends. Is this Facebook’s latest attempt to change that?

According to Social Media Today: “Of course, you need to have subscribers first, but it could be another handy tool in Meta’s expanding push to enhance its appeal for creators, in order to get more of them posting to its apps more often and keep their fans coming back.

Instagram has stated that promoting creators is a key focus, with its push to add in more AI-recommended posts into feeds a part of its effort to generate more exposure for emerging stars.”

But this is just the latest from Facebook in its push to attract more creators. More tools have been tested and launched, including Facebook Page updates, which endorse fellow creators.

Will their efforts amount to anything on a platform now defined by baby and graduation photos?

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