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Facebook launch ‘Creator Collaborations’ feature 

Facebook has launched a new ‘Creator Collaborations’ feature as a part of its attempt to increase the number of features available to help creators with monetisation, building their presence and expanding their reach.

Creator Collaborations will work by enabling multiple creators to be listed as the publisher of a single Facebook post, which will help companies to be able to increase brand awareness and reach.

Facebook explained the move: With this tool, a creator can invite a second creator to publish a single piece of video content together. If the second creator accepts, the post will publish on both collaborator’s pages. Collaborators will share the same distribution for the content, and be able to view shared insights, such as reach and engagement, within Creator Studio.”

This is similar to Facebook’s existing feature, Branded Content Tags, which allows brands to tag any businesses they have collaborated with in a single post to boost their promotions.

Additionally, this step could be a fantastic way for more established brands, influencers and affiliates to help startups get a leg up in terms of their marketing by helping show off their work and their brand to a significantly larger audience. This also makes it easy for viewers to click through to a collaborator’s profile in just a simple click.

This move can really boost marketing opportunities for a lot of businesses and could be a great step toward greater affiliate marketing opportunities. It also means that Facebook is trying hard to keep up with other social media giants such as Instagram, which have also released similar features.

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