Evil Geniuses partners with Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers

It has recently been announced that the Wolverhampton Wanderers, otherwise known as the Wolves, have partnered with the North American esports giant Evil Geniuses. This new deal that will see both parties increase their reach into new geographic markets and will also expand their expertise in player performance.

It has also been revealed that the Premier League football club’s owners, Fosun Sports Group, have made a minority investment into Evil Geniuses. Although financial details of the investment have not been revealed just yet. Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses holds one of the most decorated histories in esports, winning 86 national and 102 international championship titles, making it an attractive investment for Fosun Sports Group.

What’s to come

Their new partnership with the Wolves is expected to enable Evil Geniuses to continue expanding into global markets. This will include utilizing Wolves’ expertise in the Asian market and its local training facilities to further the organization’s expansion. Despite not providing an investment figure yet, the announcement of the partnership stated that Evil Geniuses is valued at $255 million (approximately £183.8 million) post-investment.

The chief executive officer of Evil Geniuses, Nicole LaPointe Jameson, has stated “We are thrilled to partner with Wolves, a storied football club and strong sports and entertainment brand that aligns with our values and mission.” She also commented that “This deal will help power Evil Geniuses’ expansion into the Asian markets while also providing new capital to sign more world-class players and grow into new esports titles.”

How will the partnership work

The initial partnership will see Wolves branding featured on Evil Geniuses’ uniforms, and the Evil Geniuses’ logo will feature a splash of gold during the launch. Furthermore, both teams will collaborate to create English and Chinese language content, sponsorship opportunities and jointly branded merchandise. Ultimately proving that this partnership will be a great opportunity for both.

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