Everflow Unveils new Certification Program to Empower Affiliate Marketing Professionals

Everflow, an award winning partner marketing platform, has announced the launch of its inaugural Certification Program, “Platform Fundamentals.”

This initiative is designed to enhance the skills of professionals by deepening their understanding of Everflow’s cutting-edge partner marketing technology, ultimately driving client and company growth through affiliate, influencer, and media buying channels.

The comprehensive self-paced, online courses delve into the core functionalities of the Everflow platform. It aims to empower marketers working with brands, B2B companies, and marketing agencies to achieve efficient growth across various performance marketing sectors.

Ed Ceballos, VP Partner Ecosystem at Everflow, explains, “Our goal with these courses is to create growth opportunities for brands and B2B companies. By leveraging partner marketing as a highly efficient growth channel, we democratise access to essential operational and marketing skills for those driving performance partnerships.”

Agencies such as Intelsio and Vibrant Performance are among the first to adopt Everflow’s new program.

“Everflow has become a top recommendation for our clients due to its robust tracking and reporting capabilities. The Certification Program offers our team insightful, time-saving knowledge that boosts campaign effectiveness. It’s essential for Everflow users and anyone aiming to streamline operations and scale their services,” noted a spokesperson from Vibrant Performance. Vibrant Performance focuses on affiliate partnerships, delivering significant growth for startups and established brands.

Intelsio another performance marketing agency also endorsed the program enthusiastically. “At Intelsio, we stay ahead of the curve by creating highly customizable solutions for our clients. The Everflow Certification Program has been invaluable, equipping our team with the skills to leverage the latest Everflow features and deliver superior results for our clients.”

Affiliate managers can now benefit by ensuring their teams are equipped with the latest tools and strategies to optimize their marketing efforts, leading to more efficient operations and higher ROI. Looking ahead, Everflow plans to introduce advanced courses such as “Partner Program Specialist” and “Platform Expert” later this year.

These additional certifications will further cement the partnership between Everflow and its clients, enabling companies, agencies, and users to maximize their performance marketing potential.

For more information about the Everflow Certification Program, visit Everflow.io.

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