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Esports Technologies files patent for electronic betting exchange system

Esports Technologies, a provider of esports wagering platforms, has filed a patent for a new betting exchange system. It comes as the Las Vegas-based company endeavours to expand its offerings to the US market.

The patent

In the patent application, Esports Technologies describes the process of users participating in various esports wagering markets including games, teams, and players. It also outlines the potential of the platform to eventually group those wagers into larger blocks to boost liquidity.

In the simplest of terms, sports wagering liquidity is the ability of the market to absorb large wagers or order flow without material alteration. It is why the NFL, for example, can handle a $500,000 bet on a single game and a sportsbook operator may only move the line by a point but when it comes to the esports market, wagers of this size can dramatically alter odds.

The latest in a long line of patents

In what has been a time of growth and development for Esports Technologies, the patent is the company’s third in less than five months. In August, it filed a patent application for a technology that taps into artificial intelligence to generate odds models during various stages of a tournament.

It also filed a patent application for live streaming wagering technology that integrates both sports and esports wagering with a number of popular streaming platforms including Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon TV and Gaming.

It continues to produce cutting-edge products based on emerging technology to cater to growing demand within the esports industry on a global scale. This has led to it becoming one of the leading providers of esports products, platforms, and solutions in the world that distributes to both consumers and business partners.

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