Esports Entertainment Group will purchase Holodeck Ventures assets

A new deal has been agreed between Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) and Holodeck Ventures over esports content. EEG will acquire the esports content and media business for an undisclosed sum. This deal is quite notable and is being seen as a major step forward for Esports Entertainment Group.

Controlling content going forward

The deal between Esports Entertainment Group and Holodeck Ventures is a huge move with EEG purchasing all of the company’s assets. The agreement will cover specific assets that include all intellectual property, the production studio and the staff.

In addition to this, Chief Executive of Holodeck Ventures Paul Dawalibi will be joining the EEG team as the Executive Vice President of EEG Media. Interestingly, this division is brand new to the company and it will focus on creating entertainment and esports content. Affiliate marketing will also be a focus for this division.

Taking the player experience to new heights

EEG Chief Executive Grant Johnson is hopeful that this deal with allow the player experience to reach new heights and for content to be more cohesive. He said: “This is a major step forward for EEG, placing us in a position where we own and control our content platform as part of executing on our play, watch, bet market strategy.”

Grant added: “By leveraging content to drive betting and magnify the value of every customer in the EEG universe, we gain a significant competitive advantage and build a moat around our business.”

EEG has been active in the M&A space and this latest deal is causing a stir in the esports industry. Anyone active in this space should take note of Esports Entertainment Group over the course of 2021.

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