Entain face record fine over regulation failings

Sports betting and gambling group Entain has faced a record fine over compliance failures in the UK. The group which owns operators such as Ladbrokes was found to have failed to fall in line with social responsibility regulations as well as anti-money laundering rules.

Entain themselves claim that the failings refer to incidents which took place before the launch of their new compliance measures which are now up and running with the aim to protect players.

GB Gambling Commission chief executive Andrew Rhodes claims that the group could risk losing their licence completely, stating:

“Our investigation revealed serious failures that have resulted in the largest enforcement outcome to date. There were completely unacceptable anti-money laundering and safer gambling failures. Operators are reminded they must never place commercial considerations over compliance. This is the second time this operator has fallen foul of rules in place to make gambling safer and crime free. They should be aware that we will be monitoring them very carefully and further serious breaches will make the removal of their licence to operate a very real possibility. We expect better and consumers deserve better.”

It is clear that any company operating within the gambling world cannot be complacent or careful enough when it comes to regulation and compliance.

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