Email marketing in a post GDPR environment

With GDPR recently coming into force, it’s been a full month since the change. The rush to get compliant was taxing and costly. Now that the change has been made there is a refocus on how email marketing can really win new business.

Many have given up on the idea of lead generation because of the complex opt in’s that are required to solicit and manage customer data. If you want to know how to progress your lead generation in this area you’ve got to look at the data. If you don’t do this regularly, at least once a month, then you’re not going to know whether you’re better or worse off with the new GDPR requirements in place. With all that data in hand, you might find that the number of subscribers on your email list has gone down, but the quality might be higher overall. These are likely to be people that are more interested in your offerings, which means they are more likely to convert. 

It’s all about making the most of this data and creating innovative campaigns that get you the best results. If you’ve never marketed to your new GDPR complaint database before, then it’s the perfect time for you to get started. 

Here are some top tips to remember for your email marketing to continue to thrive:

  • When it comes to creating your campaign, you should have a clear goal in mind. For most affiliates, that will be to get that all important commission on a first time deposit. With that in mind, you should craft a campaign that makes it easy for these users to convert. Give them all of the information that they need and push them through to your site or partner site. 


  • Using a template can give you the option to create a campaign that looks great, without spending a lot of cash. This is getting simpler all the time and there are plenty of free resources available too. MailChimp is one of the most popular tools for success in the email marketing arena and their templates are free. 


  • Depending on the size of your database, the send may also be free using their platform. This can save you a lot of money compared to SMS sends or premium platforms. While their segmentation isn’t quite as powerful as some premium platforms, this is a cost effective solution. 


  • Once you have your initial template and send list set up, you can test and improve what you have to offer. This can be with different content, offers or even a slightly different design. Whenever you change elements, make sure you know which ones are changing and which are staying the same, then you can attribute the success or failure. 


  • Being more inventive with your email communications will allow you to utilise your smaller database to a larger effect. There are many ways to do so, integrating video and kinetic elements makes it feel a lot more dynamic. As you experiment with these features, track your bounce rate at every change. 


  • According to Smart Insights, the average open rate for the gambling industry is 18.75% so begin to track how close you are to this number. From there, you can get an average CTR of 3.35% and this can inform you of what you will get with your size of database.

If you improve your regular sends to be better, then your open rate will increase. This will create the kind of trust with your users that motivates them to explore what you have to offer.  If you want to get ahead with acquisition in the wake of GDPR then you have to be able to apply this kind of thinking in a new way to succeed.

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