Elys Game Technology

Elys Game Technology listed on NEO Exchange in Canada

Elys Game Technology (previously known as Newgioco Group) has made history, being the first public company to ever be dual-listed on the NEO Exchange in Canada and the Nasdaq Capital Market.

Making history in the stock market and iGaming industry

Elys Game Technology has been listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market since December 2019 and now it joins the NEO Exchange, which is home to more than 100 corporate and ETF listings.

The recent legalisation of single-event sports betting in Canada played a massive role in Elys Game Technology acquiring their listing. This announcement further proves that the iGaming industry is set to grow from strength to strength in the country.

“Our listing on the NEO Exchange is an important milestone on many levels for Elys, particularly as we build on our initial go-to-market strategy in the rapidly growing US market and develop our foothold in the Canadian market,” said the chairman of Elys Game Technology, Michele Ciavarella.

Capitalising on the growth of the Canadian market

Ciavarella continued: “Recently proposed legislation in Canada would legalise single-event sports wagering and is expected to increase the CDN$80bn (US$62.57bn) wagered on sports each year in Canada.

“We believe we are extremely well-positioned to capitalise on this growing market and believe this listing will provide us greater exposure among Canadian investors as we work to execute on our strategy throughout North America.”

As the Canadian iGaming continues to burgeon, affiliates should also try to capitalise on this momentum and seek out openings in the market.

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