Rightlander.com Ellmount Gaming Deal

Ellmount Gaming commits to marketing compliance through Rightlander deal

Ellmount Gaming has boosted its affiliate compliance and responsible gambling measures through partnering with affiliate compliance specialist Rightlander.com

The operator will gain access to Rightlander’s range of compliance tools, which serves multiple markets in Europe and beyond. 

Ellmount will also be given more power to ensure that its brand name is protected online. 

Comprehensive compliance features 

The Rightlander features that Ellmount will have access to include Affiliate Mapping Tools, as well as a PPC Monitor and Automated Compliance Monitor. Compliance Live, which has been launched in the UK along with Germany – plus other markets – will also be made available. 

Ellmount Gaming Head of Affiliates Miles Saacks had the following to say about the new partnership. 

“Most affiliates and affiliate managers try to understand  the basics  of what is required in order to keep  their websites and business practices compliant according to what the relevant regulators require but sometimes it is very hard because of how complicated they  have made the laws.  This is where Rightlander have become an industry leader by helping operators translate these difficult to understand regulations into a very easy and simple to use platform. 

“Everyone in our industry should want to make sure that players are kept safe and that we are doing everything we can to ensure that the messages we are showing them are not misleading or rule breaking, and Rightlander gives us the tools necessary to investigate these issues and rectify them before they cause any harm.” 

“We are thrilled to be working with Ellmount Gaming” 

Launched in January 2018, Rightlander has already extended its services into multiple territories. These include the UK, US, Sweden and Spain. The company’s compliance tools are used by a number of high-profile online gaming operators, as well as merchants and affiliate networks. 

Rightlander.com Head of Customer Success Nicole Mitton also commented on Ellmount’s new partnership, saying the below. 

“Rightlander.com does the heavy lifting for operators and provides them with a clear view of the affiliates linking to their brands across geographies and whether they are doing so in a responsible manner.   

“We are thrilled to be working with Ellmount Gaming to help them improve their processes and better manage their affiliate partners.”

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