EGBA supports flexible DSA plans

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has joined forces with 15 trade associations as part of calls that the changes to the Digital Services Act (DSA) are flexible and future proofed.

The DSA currently plans to update the EU’s legislation for digital commerce. This aims to create a level playing field for all businesses involved with content, products, and services and activities related to intermediary services.

This will cover a wide variety of industries include start-ups, advertising, and media, and so various European trade bodies have called to ensure that these industries are protected by a good regulatory framework. As part of this call, the EGBA has backed a letter sent to the European Parliament that urges DSA to maintain their flexible designs.

DSA’s format needs safeguarded as part of e-Commerce Directive. This will help to improve important details like the EU’s country of origin principle, a ban on general monitoring, and hosting providers’ conditional liability exemptions.

Businesses want to see a flexible and well-balanced framework for the DSA. This latest is just one of many calls to ensure that MEPs ensure that digital services and protected and supported by changes.

In particular trade bodies have noted that the DSA currently cannot maintain the cost of compliance required as it can be a hindrance for smaller businesses to hinder them from expanding their presence in the EU.

Should an effective and flexible framework be established for the new DSA framework, it could have many implications for many aspects of content creation and publication within the EU. Affiliates should watch closely to see what changes may arise.

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