eBay plans to double its advertising revenue by 2025

In plans announced last week by head of global advertising Alex Kazim, the ecommerce giant eBay is aiming to double its advertising revenue to $2 billion by 2025. According to Kazim, the ecommerce platform made $1 billion from advertising revenue last year alone and hopes that this segment will eventually make up 3% of all transactions on the platform. 

The company is looking to adopt an ad format for brands to drive traffic to virtual storefronts and keep up with the vast advertising spend of competitors such as Amazon and Walmart.  

The key to eBay’s advertising strategy is ‘Promoted Listings Standard’ which charges sellers a fee based on a percentage of their sales. Kazim added that “The success of Promoted Listings has allowed us to reduce our reliance on legacy, third-party ads that take buyers off the site,” He also said that the company wants to give eBay merchants more control over how their ads are targeted which in theory should drive profits for both the sellers and the platform as a whole. 

This could be a major opportunity for both eBay affiliates and affiliates of other brands looking to take advantage of the increased advertising opportunity on the platform.  

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