eBay has raised affiliate marketing rates for ‘priority listings’

Leading ecommerce platform eBay has announced that the rates it pays to members of the ePN Program (eBay Partner Network) have been increased. While this sounds like good news to sellers and affiliates, there is a catch.

New rates on offer

According to eBay and those managing the affiliate program, the new rates are only available to certain members of the program. Additionally, sellers must be aware that the new rates only apply to certain types of items.

The new rates will only apply to items that fall into the ‘priority listings’ category which is a new concept introduced just last month by the platform. These items are seen as particularly valuable for eBay sellers to sell and there have been discussions over bonus pricing that will reward partners.

Now, those selling priority listed products will earn 1.5x the standard commission for that particular transaction.

Which items qualify?

One of the main issues that brands and affiliates are facing with this new change is that the ePN doesn’t explicitly explain which items qualify. This could have a knock-on effect for brands as affiliates will not necessarily have that added incentive to drive sales to your listings.

While the new rates are explained in detail on the eBay Partner Network website, the items are not listed in the same manner.

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