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Dutch National Lottery to split lottery and sports betting accounts

The Dutch National Lottery has declared they are planning to separate online accounts for sports betting and the lottery. This decision follows on from more stringent iGaming regulations being introduced across the Netherlands.

Sports betting and lotteries are subject to different laws

This new online gambling measure will be implemented by March 1st, 2021. It means that consumers who wish to participate in the lottery and sports betting must create a separate account for each activity.

The Dutch National Lottery explained these two forms of gambling are subject to different laws and so they cannot be categorised together using a joint account. Lottery events (like scratch cards or Eurojackpot) are hosted under the current Gambling Act. However, sports betting for the Dutch National Lottery will be governed by the new Remote Gambling Act.

Ensuring compliance with new iGaming regulations

Initially, the new Remote Gambling Act was due to come into action by July 1st but has been delayed several times since. Now, it seems that the Dutch regulated market won’t officially open until September 2021.

On November 10th, Dutch regulator De Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) released their assessment criteria for iGaming operators who will be governed by the Remote Gambling Act. All operators must be inspected and meet this criterion before they can obtain their licence.

Following on from this news of stricter regulations, the Dutch National Lottery has changed their practice to ensure they are remaining compliant.

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