DoubleUp choose Fast Track to manage engagement

The DoubleUp Group has become one of Pragmatic Solutions’ first providers to use Fast Track’s engagement services.

User engagement

The customer experience is the main focus for all online casino providers and operators, and this is not set to change down the line. Players must remain engaged at all times when visiting online casinos, not only when playing games. This is why user engagement has become a primary motivation for casino platforms to invest in the best solutions on the market.

Fast Track

Many casino operators have been choosing Fast Track to deliver engagement services for their audiences. They are known as one of the best engagement platforms on the market as they have expertly designed solutions to suit different online iGaming platforms.

Fast Track delivers a central system that accurately captures real-time data which allows online casinos to continuously scale. With this, casinos can expect their productivity to increase and their data accuracy. Fast Track’s current casino portfolio has attracted DoubleUp to use its services.


Under the umbrella of leading iGaming provider Pragmatic Solutions, DoubleUp is set to launch an online casino in May 2021. The DoubleUp Group choose Fast Track to manage aspects of player engagement to enhance the player experience.

The Managing Director of the DoubleUp Group, Ale Rallo, said that: “We chose Fast Track because they offer a flexible solution that can power the dynamic engagements that are vital to creating a memorable player experience.”

Christopher Hirst, the co-founder of Fast Track, noted that: “We share a lot of the same values as Double Up…and don’t settle for the status quo.”

Affiliates should stay up to date with DoubleUp and Fast Track’s highly ambitious plans in 2021 and beyond. Their partnership should be a useful marketing tool, especially when the online casino platform goes live.

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