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Does your affiliate tracking stack up?

This week, Lee-Ann is joined on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast by Assaf Dor, CEO and founder of Cellxpert. Cellxpert is an affiliate marketing company that has a reputation for using technological advances to great effect in the affiliate industry. He’s got some good ideas on affiliate tracking and ensuring progress in your affiliate marketing program.

Listen in here to get all the insights from Lee-Ann and Assaf’s conversation.

Will the recession spearhead a new wave of affiliate marketing?

It’s a topic we’ve covered before at Affiverse: could the prospect of a recession actually be a good thing for performance marketing?

Assaf says: “There is a wave of attention towards performance marketing and that’s, I think, directly a result of the crisis.”

“Companies used to have, let’s say open bill marketing. Budgets were fuelled by venture capital money. They don’t anymore. And now every marketing department in the world has very strict conversion performance targets. And focusing their efforts now on performance marketing is the most reasonable choice for them.”

Tech support for the sake of relationship management?

Lee-Ann posed an interesting idea during this podcast, that technology might directly affect the affiliate partner/manager relationship or even the relationship between customer and brand. Additionally, affiliate tracking could benefit both.

Assaf said: “Trust is about reliability. Reliability and technology. It’s about transparency in the sense that if tracking fails, that’s a crisis in trust. I would risk my resources in order to promote your brand. So, reliability is key. We put a lot of effort in Cellxpert in operating a world-class infrastructure product that can sustain any scale.”

Are regulations slowing markets down or upping quality?

The topic of regulations across affiliate marketing, but particularly in the iGaming market came up.

Assaf said: “In certain markets, it is an issue. We see jurisdictions that impose liability on operators for the affiliates’ actions. … Operators could externalize all of the, let’s say, behaviours that they could not afford to do in-house. Spam campaigns are a good example of that.”

But as Lee-Ann points out: “It also reduces fraud. We still see fraud in affiliate programs. It’s still creeping in. But when it is heavily regulated like it is in the US, you definitely need to know who your affiliate is.”

So, two things can be true at once. Regulations can be a necessary evil that might slow down operations but might also result in a more quality product or a safer market that can only encourage more customers. Using affiliate tracking to keep track of progress should show where you are going wrong: is it the brand or the partner?

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Listen to find out more about:

  •         What percentage of the iGaming market really is affiliate marketing?
  •         Trust and transparency in the affiliate marketing industry


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[10:00] – Is the recession affecting brand transparency?

[18:00] – Are clients ignoring security?

[28:00] – Regulations: slowing down vs upping quality


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