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Discovering AFFTER: Innovation and Exclusivity in Affiliate Marketing

Constantine Ivanchuk, SEO Affiliates Team Lead at AFFTER joins Lee-Ann to discuss the unique approach of AFFTER as an invite-only affiliate program in the iGaming space. This episode focuses on the issue of quality over quantity, and providing bespoke commissions and account management to a select group of premium affiliates. Constantine also highlights the changing landscape of SEO over the last five years, and emphasises the importance of building relationships with affiliates, along with the need to diversify traffic sources in the affiliate marketing industry.

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The Role of AI

Lee-Ann asks Constantine, “What sort of technological advancements is your platform working on in relation to AI right now? Because, if you’re going to be giving that high-touch experience, what are some of the things that affiliates can expect when they work with AFFTER?”

Constantine explains, “Well, when we’re talking about the AI, the field where the AI can really help us and improve the experience is basically the process of financial clearing. Firstly we focused our AI improvements on the chatbot for the affiliates and some internal processes inside our team to optimise the approach to the affiliate, the way of solving issues so there wouldn’t be any bottlenecks or stumbling stones, and the things that can be managed by AI that would not occupy the time of the person of the affiliate manager.”

“It’s not just about Google anymore”

AFFTER’s technology has been built, elevated and developed to meet the needs of multiple different partners that work in the platform. Lee-Ann asks, “So you, yourself, specialise in SEO affiliation, which has also been the backbone of our industry for quite some time. But at our recent Amplify Summit, which was held a couple of weeks ago, we discussed that the rules of engagement are changing and customers are using the internet and all the social channels now to search for offers, too. So, it’s not just about Google anymore. I want to get down to the nitty gritty with you about how you think SEO has changed over the last five years, because I know that this is an area that you specialise in?”

Constantine says, “I would say that the so-called sphere of the SEO affiliates is shrinking year-by-year. I would say, of course, the reason is the Google updates, the more precise countermeasures of some regulatory bodies, and so on. But it’s also becoming the question of more quality versus quantity about the SEO affiliates. Because, yes, we started getting fewer and fewer players from SEO sources, but the quality has not become poor. So you can feel safe that SEO will still be your reliable source of high LTV players.”

Some Key Takeaways from Constantine:

  • “The best way to attract the best affiliates is to build the best product. If you have a great product it sells itself, for the most part. Of course, you need to help it with the conferences and to make yourself be seen by the affiliates, but if you have a great product and you manage to set the right direction from your product to your affiliate program, this is the main source of great affiliates.”
  • “As technology develops, the other means, the other channels are developing as well. We need to be evolving with the trends.”
  • “There is some trend right now that tier one is already exhausted by the competition. We need to go to the tier two, tier three, to maybe the poorest countries with the lowest LTV in the world. But it will be much more reasonable than to go to some tier one countries.”

Listen to find out more about:

  • Building relationships with affiliates 
  • Diversifying traffic sources 
  • SEO – the shift towards social media 

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[04:43] Creating a high-touch experience

[12:15] Finding new sources of traffic

[23:02] Affiliate Networks vs Direct Affiliates


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