Digital Marketing Forum panel preview: What is an affiliate?

With this year’s SBC Digital Marketing Forum only eight weeks away, the latest agenda has been revealed which promises to deliver top-quality content from some of the biggest names in the affiliate and digital marketing sectors. 

The Forum, which will run alongside Betting on Sports 2019 and CasinoBeats Summit, will address issues such as global opportunities for affiliates and marketers, the rise of esports, and the importance of video content marketing as a conversion stream.  

Ahead of the event, Affiverse wanted to offer a sneak preview into the topics being addressed, one of which is ‘What is an affiliate now anyway?’, which will be discussed by Gloria Cereda (Catena Media); Guy Harding (Oddschecker); Clive Hawkswood (; and Adam Bielinski (iGamingNuts)

The panel will look at analysing the ways in which the current affiliate traffic system is being engaged, as well as the evolution of the channel as it continues to grow. As strategies become much more diverse and complex, panellists will discuss how affiliates can be utilized to help digital marketers focus on conversion and retention opportunities. 

Discussing what attendees can expect, Hawkswood told Affiverse: “From a regulatory and political perspective, I’d hope it will help them plan effectively for the future on the basis that forewarned is forearmed.  Unless more can be done to enhance the reputation, and in some cases the activities of the affiliate and digital marketing sector, then the spotlight will increasingly be shone on it as the weakest link in the gambling supply chain. 

“Like most other people I hate buzzwords, but ‘sustainability’ now comes up in almost every discussion about the prospects for the offering of all gambling products.  Many large gambling companies are openly talking about giving up certain advertising freedoms and in the current mood it is easy to see more affiliate relationships being terminated unless more is done to demonstrate that affiliates are willing to play an active part in promoting safer gambling.

“In addition to discussions with the likes of the DCMS, Gambling Commission, and DCMS there has been some great input from other affiliates.  By the time of the event, I would therefore hope to be able to give some feedback from those discussions as well as an update on RAIG’s early days and what its plans will be.”

With industry-leading speakers taking part in an array of in-depth training workshops and expert lead panel discussions over the one day conference it really offers incredible value for attendees.

Cereda gave her insight into some of the topics she wished to address during the panel, in which she disclosed: “In my view it is of crucial importance that operators start seeing affiliates as an integrated marketing channel of their own business. To understand why affiliates are key for the success of operators you can take a moment to think of your own behaviour online. Before making a purchase of a product or service do you inform yourself on the company website or via its online communication? 

“No matter how much you invest in marketing pushes, reviews and affiliate comparison sites will always be crucial in your target market decision making process. It is also demonstrated that there is a lower level of trust in the company’s marketing statements when comparing this to the reviews written by an affiliate comparison site.”

For more information on the event including speakers and the full agenda, check out the Digital Marketing Forum website. To speak to a member of the team about sponsorship and branding opportunities, please contact us on [email protected]

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